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October General Meeting Raymond Burkholder

Home Introspection with Barbed Wire & Duct Tape

Speaker: Raymond Burkholder

I wanted to see how things work natively, so being a programmer, I took bits and pieces and concepts from Home-Assistant, Node-Red and Domoticz and created my own app: Apparition.

It is an amalgamation of C++17 core code calling out to and being called by LuaJit code for sensor parsing, control and automation. Data collection is handled by Prometheus and charts are defined in Grafana.

MQTT queues as embodied by RabbitMQ form the backbone for message passing among collectors and devices.

BeagleBone Green and BeagleBone Black perform most of the data collection. There is an Espressobin thrown in there for good measure.

Z-Wave JS UI interfaces with thermostats, AC outlet monitoring & control, Smoke/CO alarm and light Scene Controllers.

Zigbee2MQTT interfaces with Philips Hue lights, more AC outlet monitoring & control, and some PIR sensors.

There is a 433MHz SDR radio for listening to my DSC Alarm based sensors and some temperature/humidity thermapro sensors. A 915MHz SDR radio listens to my backyard WS90 weather station and my home water meter.

Raymond Burkholder is a Solution/Network/Datacenter Architect by day, a programmer/tinkerer and wannabe trader by evening:

I have a couple one month old APC 1500VA SMC1500C UPS available for $650 each ($792 new). I am upgrading to some Eaton flavours and want to give these a good home. I can bring into the meeting for delivery.

Place 800

800 - 6 Ave. S.W.
Plus-15 Conference Room

There is $2 parking after 16:00 one block north-east of the meeting location, in the underground parkade at McDougall Centre.

5:30 PM, Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Snacks at 17:30. Meeting begins at 18:00.

Attendance is free for CUUG members, or $10 (cash only) at the door for non-CUUG members.

RSVP to office at CUUG if you plan to attend.