Calgary Unix Users' GroupContact Information

Mailing Address:

Calgary Unix Users' Group
Box 878, Station M
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 2J3

To join or renew in person visit:

Butcher Consultants Ltd.
(North)4644 Montalban Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3B 1E4
(South)14124 Evergreen Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2Y 2X1
(Do not mail to these addresses)
EMAIL : office

mentor : Helps members with connecting and getting started.
help: UNIX and CRC questions. Please include your CUUG login name if you are not mailing from your CUUG account.
webmaster : Questions relating to CUUG's website or creating your own site on our system.
abuse: Complaints regarding spam, usenet abuse, illegal use of system or security issues.

Membership in CUUG

Members are entitled to attend monthly meetings and have limited privileges of using a CUUG Resource Centre Login according to the current Resource Centre Access Agreement. Members may bring a limited number of guests to meetings if they register with the CUUG office in advance.

If you have questions not answered in this website contact the Mentor Group or our office.

Disclaimer: CUUG is a Unix Users Group, NOT an Internet Service Provider
CUUG makes no guarantee that any of our computer or Internet services will be available at any given time.
Explanation: Our systems are entirely run by volunteers. CUUG has an enviable record for 'uptime', however, our system has sometimes gone down due to hardware failure or "crackers". Member volunteers have worked all night to get it running again. (Should mention some names here.) We cannot guarantee that volunteers will always be available on short notice. This also applies to support from our "help" and "mentor" groups.

Memberships run from July 1 to June 30 with annual dues of $50.00 (includes GST); or $30 for students. New members joining during the year pay the same amount (a pro-rated portion is applied to the next year's dues).
(GST reg. # 899628887RT)
CIPS members and approved groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount.

Memberships are NEITHER transferable NOR refundable.

How to Join

Read the above and the Application form and Resource Centre Access Agreement or plain text version.
Note that members must be at least 18 years of age.
Due to increased Internet security concerns we now require new members to provide identification (driver's license).
If you cannot get to a CUUG meeting in person or do not have a driver's license, contact the office for alternatives.

Calgary Unix Users' Group