Frustrating Spambots with Javascript

You can use javascript to help frustrate spambots trying to mine of your site for email addresses. After you have played with this page for a while, turn off javascript and see what happens.

Sorry, but you MUST use Javascript

Thanks to the huge volumes of spam I receive every day, I have had to implement countermeasures. If you want to use the email links on my website, you must have Javascript running on your browser.

  1. Using aClick sends mail when the link is clicked: click here
  2. Using aHover works like aClick, but hides the "bad link": click here
  3. edress_write("sponsorship") will write ""
  4. edress_link("sponsorship") will write ""
  5. You can link outside cuug. For example:
  6. You can also specify the clickable text with edress_link(), for example:

The javascript source code is in the file "edress.js"