Once you have your HTML pages ready, you need to install them in the proper place in your CUUG account. This makes them available to the entire internet through CUUG's WWW server.

Your files must be placed in a directory called public_html located in your home directory. This directory, as well as your home directory must be "world readable" so that the server can access the files. The files themselves must also be "world readable".

The server will map the URL to your public_html directory, and will automatically look for the index.html file to load as your home page. If you wish to have your home pages added to the list of CUUG Persoanl Pages, then you must have an index.html file present. The list is updated automatically and the program checks for the existence of this file before adding a person to the list.

The server will actually "look for" the index.html file in any sub-directory you create in your public_html directory. If you had a directory called things then the URL would look for index.html in the things sub-directory.

The final step

The final step for CUUG is to drop a note via email to the webmaster who maintains the list of home pages for CUUG members. You can ask to have your page included in the list of members pages.

Common Problems & Solutions