(This assumes you can log in to your CUUG account using a terminal program while also running a browser in another window)

This is for people who find it easier to learn by tinkering with an existing page rather than writing a new one from scratch.

Copy the instant homepage to your public_html using these commands:

cd public_html
cp ~webmastr/htdocs/instant.html .
(If you are not in CUUG feel free to grab the page using the "save" feature of your browser).

Set your browser to "www.cuug.ab.ca/~yourusername/instant.html". You should see the "instant homepage" as in the above link.

Then edit the instant homepage with the simple "pico" text editor (or use "vi" or "emacs") with this command:

pico instant.html
Cut and paste at will, put in your own text, URL's and graphic filenames. Then save the file and click "reload" or "refresh" in your browser to see the result. If you want this to be your homepage, rename it with this command:
mv instant.html index.html