1 Disclaimer

This document does NOT represent a statement of 'official' CUUG policy. It is a summary of my best interpretation of discussions of this issue at the CUUG Board of Directors meetings, and is provided as an information resource only.

This document does NOT represent a change in CUUG policy. This policy has always been in place, this is just an attempt to insure that it is available to the membership.

If you have been living in a world of your own since joining CUUG, let me preface this document by stating:

CUUG is NOT an Internet Service Provider

Why is that important? Because it means that your membership fee does NOT buy you the right to put anything you want on your home page, or even have a home page for that matter. It buys you a membership in CUUG, and the right to vote and hold office. If you do not like the policy described below, then you may offer you name in nomination for the CUUG board of directors and actively participate in changing this policy.

2 Webmaster

The webmaster is a group of CUUG volunteers who actively maintain the http service for CUUG members. While the webmaster group tries to insure the availability of http service, as with all CUUG services, there is no guarantee that the http service will be available at any given time.

The webmaster group has full authority to administer access control to the CUUG http service and may at any time deny http service to any home page that in their opinion contravenes acceptable use at CUUG.

All accesses to personal home pages at CUUG are logged. The webmaster may from time to time publish information derived from these logs.

3 Personal Home Pages

Any CUUG member may at any time create a personal home page in his account which can be accessed from the CUUG httpd.

Home pages may (but are not required) be registered with the webmaster for inclusion in the CUUG List of Personal Pages.

All personal pages, registered with the webmaster or not, will be accessible to users from the CUUG pages.

There are currently no limits set on the size of individual home pages at CUUG, but the total size of your home directory may be limited by other CUUG acceptable use policies.

There are currently no limits set on the number of accesses, or the total number of bytes transfered by the httpd from any individual account, but the webmasters retain the ability to limit access to individual accounts if they feel that these accounts are putting unreasonable demands on the CUUG http resources.

There are currently no limits set on content in personal home pages, but the webmasters retain the ability to deny access to any page or set of pages that in their opinion would have a negative impact on the image of CUUG, or the ability of CUUG to promote its objectives as stated in the CUUG bylaws.

4 Business Use of Home Pages

While CUUG is not in the web real estate business, it is recognized that members will want to get started in web publishing and boost their own businesses by providing access to information for other CUUG members, and the Web in general.

In order to accommodate the needs of members, the Board of Directors has agreed that the webmasters should allow business use of home pages if it appears to be a 'personal' business.

Examples of acceptable use would include :

Examples of unacceptable use would include :

In fact, you could say:

Every member with a business related CUUG page should really hope that it is so successful that they will be asked to move it to a commercial provider!

5 Secure Server

CUUG does NOT operate a SECURE server, and forms requesting information such as credit card numbers, home addresses or phone numbers etc, will not be allowed.


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